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True-Number News

700 foreign troops killed
2010 minimum
Afghan casualties
far higher

far higher?
where is the news
how many Taliban?
how many innocents?

a decade of loss
on all sides
but where are the
true numbers?

which life does
not get counted?
that answer tells
us something
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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Comments (18)

War is Hell and the numbers don't begin to tell the story. Thanks for reminding us! thumbs up
gnj, truth is said, though not truly known, how many died is never shown. never, does everyone get counted, and we all are casualties i think when wars continue to demean our CIVILization. thanks.

Thanks for reminding us of what the powers-that-be would rather we didn't know. We are rightly saddened, shocked and filled with the despair when we see the flag draped coffins of our youg men and women being repatriated: As you so eloquently remind us though, for every member of our armed forces that are tragically sacrificed in these conflicts (I am referring to Iraq as well), there are many hundreds of innocent - as well as not-so-innocent civilians, and they are numbered in hundreds of thousands, with even more seriously injured.

We, the public at large, would not be able to tolerate the scale of loss of life if it was being regularly reported on News Bulletins - that's why the figures are hushed up - a case of what we don't see or know, we don't worry about.

History will surely judge political leaders on all sides of these conflicts very harshly indeed. Meanwhile, the killing goes on unabated.

Great write..... Kind regards

Fellsman teddybear
Hey, my firend, great expose, and yup, as usual, mainstream media has once again proved its just a propaganda mouthpiece, absolutely worthless..., that's why they're champing at the bit to censor the internet..., how low have we sunk? frustrated
The casualties of war are not just those killed or injured. What about all the relatives and friends left behind to carry the hatred for generations, awaiting the opportunity to revenge. It goes on and on. And for what? To take what belongs to others. It's a business opportunity disguised as a noble act or in the name of “threat to our way of life”, self-defense. What a load of BS. Didn't someone say: “The first casualty of a war is the truth”.
Eloquently written and conceived,sad flower bouquet
"a decade of loss
on all sides...
but where are the
true numbers?

which life does
not get counted?"

Oh my, yes...
crying sad flower

Somehow and in someway, the true numbers, though carefully hidden, are accounted for by the Spirit of your Loving Soul as it tenderly acknowledges the tragedy of all casualties... Your LOVE has left no one unaccounted for gnj, within this realm, or beyond.


ReaderOfSoulsonline today!
We may never know the true numbers while on this plane. Sometimes, things are kept shushed because it's one less thing for people to worry about. While I can understand the reasoning for that, it's not easy to deal with. Probably never will be.

Great piece and thank you so much for sharing this. thumbs up wine hug heart wings teddybear
trurorobonline today!
we are only ever told one side of the story, well highlighted
Hi, freeatlast64847, agoodguy2have, Fellsman, Earlgreytea, pilgrimageoflove, caroljoyce, beautiful you, ReaderOfSouls, and trurorob,
Thank you for your kind remarks about the message of my write and for your caring souls that value peace and acknowledge the hidden losses all around. I am honored to be counted among you.
Yes, a true reflection..... Thanks for sharing my friendhug
Hi, jazzy75,
Thank you for sharing your kind comment.
The true numbers and cost are lost in propaganda.
Shame that war or "conflicts" have to go on anywhere
when so much effort could be put into helping
the less fortunate instead. Thanks for the reminder
gnj4u when we live pretty sheltered from real violence.
thumbs up angel angel help
Hi, boyshchrm6,
I share you vision of resources being put into finding ways to avoid the causes of war. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.
There is a programme that shows how 'Mother Nature' recovers after 'man' has gone. The human species will be seen to have never existed after several eons have passed. Is this what we deserve, will no one ever know that we were here ? That we are capable of showing love for each other and respect etc., as so many who have commented on this heart wrenching poem have shown. It has to change, it must change. In war, there are no winners except war itself.

Sorry I got carried away.
they'll never tell us the truth about war gnj4u
I do not think they dare give out numbers, as staring figures in the face will give the true reality of war. #Would they feel shame or is it just us that feel shame for our warmongers.
Hi, grandad, schawalski, and Redex,
The PR for war often tries to imply that there are winners and losers. And, perhaps, in the short term, there are. In the long term, however, I agree, there are no permanent winners. While people can accept some degree of differences between the having and the having not, once the gaps get too big and/or numerous, discontent begins to grow in the crevices.
-At some yet-to-be-determined point in the future, the earth will expire. Until then and once what we term civilization has expired, nature may perhaps rebalance itself. We will never know. What we do know is that helping Mother Nature keep her balance in all the good, natural ways possible can't hurt! Learning how to distinguish want from need would be a start. Learning how to share fairly would do much to get us further on the road to peace.
-In the meantime, every sacrifice has to be counted and acknowledged else we do not even understand the short-term price humanity is paying.
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