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the strange thing is..after all you've done, we still miss you..
though I don't understand why..with all your cheating, and your lies..
someone I believed I knew, someone I believed loved us
your mask has fallen away, allowing me to see into the depths of your empty heart and soul
smiles, lying eyes, feigning sincerity, too good to be true
and suddenly you're gone..with no explanation, no apology, no regret
your voice is now cold..unfriendly..distant..uncaring..
i finally 'SEE' what you were all along
or..psychopath, con~artist, thief, cheater, alcoholic, abused child, immature, user, liar,
when will my heart understand what my mind finally has?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
This poem is about my fiancee leaving us for another woman. We were together for seven years, and although he had cheated on me during the first year we were together, I trusted him when he said.."I will never hurt you again." He suddenly walked out on us two years ago this month(in Dec. 2008). And I still have no idea why:(

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nanc, so sorry you didn't see the stranger. imho you never will know why, and it probably doesn't matter to move toward tomorrow... ;-)
Hi Nance

I hope putting your thoughts into words has proved cathartic: As Good Guy says, your ex isn't worth wasting your emotions on. Your post is very well written.....


A very powerful and poignant write nanc...

and yes, so many of us know this experience.. when will my heart understand what my mind finally has?

Ty for sharing with such depth

May your heart find its healing, in its own time and in its own way! teddybear
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