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Day by day you learn new things by laughing joking playing crying with friends co-workers and especially family
Week by Week you put all those things into perspective and wonder about what is to come
Month by month the changes come they may be good or bad hold on strong the storm will pass and the rainbow will shine again
Year by year you sit back and look at all things you did the good times the struggles and finally the accomplishments
You look at all the changes you made and thank God your still alive for the lessons you learned have made you that much stronger for the next year to come to make more changes
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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msLayD, thank you for the timely reminder to us all, that life IS good! Let's all keep changin'...for the better! ;-0
This is the way we live. It's good if in our lives there are accomplishments and changes, if we are getting stronger by each lesson we learn from life, and if our life is not a stalemate, an uneventful and dreary succession of days. Thanks for the thoughtful poem.
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