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A Man in Mind, a Child at Heart

I can Be a Man
can be a Boy too
I can Make a Laugh
Maybe, just for You

I have made Tears
I can make Love Too
not many Fears
But, just to You

When Love appears
I think We will know
thru Lasting years
It Never Lets Go

A Man in Mind,
A Child at Heart
Happy New Year to All
Is How I'll Start..

So is it You
I long to find
dont be Blue
Just True and Kind

Closer is better
to spend more time
not just letters
thats hard to find

Patients i find
and time stands still
I keep in mind
My time spent well

Dont be too Shy
and let it get by
I will know it
By That look in Your Eyes

The windows to Your Soul
It cannot Lie
a child cant see
But Only an Adult

Happy New Year to All
And to All and to All a Goodnight!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
I posted this as an answer to a thread,
just thought to share, so it could be read.

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Comments (7)

niah9online today!
...and I enjoyed the read....and so true...Niahyay
Very Nice Larry. hug wine
Beautiful Words wine From Manlish-Boy wink
Love it & my fav.part was :

Closer is better
to spend more time
not just letters
thats hard to find


Thank You niah9
Glad You Enjoyed it..wave
larry, good mind...good heart. ;-)
Very nice Larrybouquet Happy New Year to you too.. and I hope this is the one, where you find everything it is that you seek..You really do deserve it! teddybear wine bouquet
Very nice poem! (And though I'm very behind in this), Happy New Year to you too!!purple heart gift gift
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