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Self-conscience and self-aware
but only when empathy can take us there
For when we think we're better than we are
and we don't care when we don't bare the scare
Preaching God loves all without prejudice
and never understanding the truth in this
Then our opposing views end in war and death
that leaves the children behind to clean up the mess

Self-involved and self-absorbed
we don't even know what the fightings for
Maybe the color of your skin
or maybe this god, because you don't believe in him
When we can't think beyond ourselves
to all the starving that need our help
Spending all our money to perpetuate the fight
as the children are left cold and alone at night

Self-evolved and it's self-evident
we never really knew what freedom meant
Far away and well displaced
we never had to see our enemy face to face
Only soldiers paid to watch them die
are left with nightmares of how they cried
With blind eyes we vote on war and death
then rebuild their towns so we can kill them again

These patterns need to break
So we can end this fear and hate
All I'm trying to say
Is somethings got to change
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Thank you Ecm....I think that this is a very well written poem, about a very difficult subject, well observed too. A good read, Happy New Year.....Andrewcool
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