Amazing grace!

Oh! how sweet that touch, my moment of grace. I didn't know much, then, my first taste. So precious the feeling; it drew me near. I found myself yeilding, when it first appeared. There is no equal, no experience to compare. Unique are it's sequels; a mixture of love/care. Much like a soathing breeze, it encompassed my soul. Call it "a spiritual tease", wooing: "come" i was told! Forget "your" romantic nights; such the sunlight ends. This bright adoring light, it's truely a friend. It didn't try to leave; after a one night stand. Grace, embraces and cleaves, took me by the hand. For cleansing of the heart, grace is precious and dear; a swirling spiritual bath, until christ re-appears.
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Posted: Jan 2011
About this poem:
The sound of grace.

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byfaithonline today!
i thank god for his son!
Beautiful poem. I was just humming the song "One of Us".
In deed a good poem. You are talented.
byfaithonline today!
hey christmas! the spirit has made us one indeed. its so good and so pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity.hug
byfaith - my brother in Christ.... very nice poem! Amazing Grace what a gift from God!!! Can't wait to visit you in ETERNITY!!! q:-) Be sure to bring your whole family with you!!!! (By HIS grace!) :-)
byfaithonline today!
hi isaiah7516! thanks for your comment. all i can humblely say is praise god.angel
byfaithonline today!
thank you very much swade777, your word are comforting. may god richly bless you. grace and peace from god the father and jesus christ the
You have expressed this so very well.Very simple but so explanatory.The message clear
God bless you and your poetry always.Thankyou
byfaithonline today!
moonontide thank you for your blessing!hug
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