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Go gently with her

When a man finds a woman
gently he must go
woman have emotions
and a tender soul
some will hurt easily
some will be tough
others will hide the hurt
and then have enough

A woman wants many things
but deeply to love
find someone strong and true
her hand to his glove
and should they argue
as lovers often do
why not hug and love her
and stop her feeling blue

And the rights or wrongs
that make us argue so
let them be like raindrops
and watch them as they go
kiss her and make up
and it will be better in the end
life's too short to argue
when bridges you can mend

So love her tenderly
passionatley eternally
let your lips touch
hands that caress
touch sweet frame
admire her so
shes never a mess
this woman of finess
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011
About this poem:
for debra

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Comments (6)

What a wonderful poem... full of wisdom & thoughtfulness, great writing too! And love the title thumbs up teddybear purple heart

P.S.Another favorite is the "hand to glove" phrase- as a woman's smaller hand fitting into a man's larger hand like a glove; or deeper meaning of the two fitting together so well with her tender soul and his gentle touch... beautiful all the way through.rose
hi scatlyn and thank you for the warm response and pleasant comments, glad you liked it, you are very kind with your words, generous..appreciate it, and the other one about the glove also, i like the theme of this approach..thanks wave wine
Though I already commented on this, I also think it's a great poem for Valentine's Day!
"So love her tenderly, passionately eternally..." and so many more beautiful lines & thoughts...

Love it! bouquet bouquet bouquet
niah9online now!
Yes I agree, a lovely poem for V D.....Niahcool teddybear
hi scatlyn hey thanks for the second glad you love the poetry...sweet lady..
hi niah hey thank you too, yes neat for vd..
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