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Walking in the rain

Windows of the morning
show a world outside my door
weather still is raining
seems its been that way before

Step outside and see
all you can begin to be
a life is here to touch again
moments in the morning rain

Walk along the pier at noon
see the wind catch the balloon
face can feel the breeze
hugging with with tender squeeze

Love the ocean in the light light rain
walking there is just so good
let your thoughts begin to rise again
all you want is in your hands

Feel the inspiration cheer you
i find that it is the way
somehow nature will encourage us
each and every passing day.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Comments (10)

ah the rain - haven't seen rain for a while, just snow and sunshine! nice write serpico,

bouquet bouquet
I love the rain,as a matter a fact it is raining right now....a sweet cool breeze from a northernly wind has cast a spell in our little town......has brought an abundance of sprinkles......
Loved the poem....

Your poem is beautiful and inspiring...thank you for sharing :)
yes ladybee its a refreshing change, nice to see the grass back too..thanks for your comments, soft rain has a soothing feeling..
thanks ng..yes rain is a welcome change to our climate over here too..thanks for your thoughts
thanks jazzy..for your comments. its nice to share poetry here and get some lovely feedback from so many thank you..
Step outside and see
all you can begin to be
a life is here to touch again
moments in the morning rain[/color

Hello Serpico
another gentle touching write my lovelly friend.
Nature...tis a beauty to surround us always.
Your write encompasses a feeling of quiet soaken nature.


I did feel the inspiration cheer me as I was reading your poem.
thanks sophia for the response to the poem, not done much on rain so its a welcome change to do..glad you liked it along with the others here..
thanks pilgrim..glad you liked the poem..appreciate the you doing over there re the flooding..hope you are not caught up in it.
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