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Created at birth with no knowledge or sense of discrimination.
Harbored by parents with love for safety and protection.
Options are life's practice that form who we are to be.
Identity is the results of those sections for all to see.
Careful thought, at times, can cause a rough and difficult path.
Endure, understand these as practice and cause no wrath.
Satisfaction comes to those who these words persue.
! Live this thought and your children will surely ensue.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2009
About this poem:
Hopefully another positive thought.

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What a beautiful & inspirational thought shared passionatepoethug
PassionatePoetonline today!
Thank you. Just my thoughts from life experience.
sweet idea and mind words , as always u use ur beauty coordinated mind in ur writing , i like it,thanks for ur shareteddybear
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