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if one could only

Who would think two letters
of this tiny word
could flood the heart
strike the soul
with all kinds of desires

Every wish and every hope
as you stand on new years eve
and through days
and through moments
find this word close to you

IF i could turn back time
IF i could make it ryhyme
IF had chosen better
IF i had listened maybe

IF i had gone right instead of left
IF i only heeded the warning
full of power is this phrase
and its lingers till the morning

Its just a word
but how it holds
so many things
for you and i

Its just a word
but everyone i m sure
will utter this
at sometime in life

If the road were brighter
if the nights were softer
if our ship came in
with a cargo of gin

This tiny egg cup size of a word
hold barrels of dreams
gallons of thought
this little word called IF
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Comments (6)

I very much enjoyed this write Serpico..


The universality of "If"

"Its just a word
but everyone i m sure
will utter this
at sometime in life"

... indeed.

so true beautifulyou, just as you say we all say this at some time..thanks for the comments
Nice writing - and so true. Helps you see things in perspective. Love the phrase "This tiny egg cup size of a word holds barrels of dreams, gallons of thought"
Great poem! thumbs up bouquet
hey scatlyn thank you once again for you insightful thought and loving of the always add lovely kind words..appreciated
dunno very true serpico... if only....

thumbs up bouquet
yes ladybee..if only..a door where wishes lie waiting to be found and fullfilled..thanks for the comments...
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