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wandering man limerick

There was a young man who just wandered
and all of his wealth he just squandered
bereft of the companions and pleasure
and far from his life of pure leisure
to work on a farm
which did him no harm

If eating with hogs is measure
at last he did come to his reason
and thought of a much better season
home he would go his footsteps less slow
to a brother and father there waiting
the father with warm heart did welcome

While his brother went into a tantrum
when the party was planned
for this wandering man
only two who did not feel happy
the brother who got kind of snappy
and that fattened calf
who if could speak would say
i d rather be a wandering one instead
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Comments (4)

Quite a story, Serpio,
hi carol thanks..just funning with the idea..thank you..wave
Great limerick! Loved the ending rolling on the floor laughing
hi scatlyn..hey thanks again..see you like limericks just like this one..hey thanks so much..wave
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