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murphys troubles

The policeman asked murphy "What's afoot?"
as murphy lay nearby.
"as a rule it is 12 inches
and on that you can rely."

"Are you trying to be funny"
he said in much disdain
and muttered quietly within
"this ones going to be a pain."

"So what is really missing?"
he said with much disdain
"Actually" Murphy replied
"they have took half my brain"

At this the policeman lost his temper
"what do you mean your brain?"
"well half a meaty brains pork pie
see only this bit remains"

"A ruddy piece blooming pie
is that all it is about?"
"spot on" he cheerily replied
and so he got a clout
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Comments (4)

cops never like smart asses. ;-]
The ideas you come up with for your poetry... well, they certainly run the gamut! rolling on the floor laughing
Anyway, love this- so funny & imaginative(though I'd probably be a cross between Murphy & the cop- a sense of humor while trying not to be a pain grin laugh )
true goodguy, not even if they are sense of humor..thanks for viewing.
hi scatlyn and hey thanks again for the great comments, you always add a great contribution and i value your thoughts on my poems...thanks a lot scatlynwine
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