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"the basket"

summer breeze blanket curled an dances her sunlit hair, a picnic for two, chattered leaves amidst swain thought, wild flowers mirrored her echoed eyes, 2 straws touch, fields alive rippled brook, feathered song blue white above .....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2009

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Comments (11)

Wow! That's absolutely beautiful... You've paint an irresistible picture with your words..smitten teddybear
painted rather..doh teddybear
:) ty Q S that's the kind of picnic everyone would like. So simple to have in your life when two are together.
Sorry i didn't like the end as i projected a thought that didn't work. The end's changed to above, as the word top didn't express the sky, In my mind it did:)
beautiful expressing for ur feelings , i like it , thanks for ur share
Hi Khaled, ty for your kind words, i love your replies as some of my writing brings to you a smile, thats what makes it worth while:)
So, there really is an "Inner Softy* in you after all, thankyou for this one, it brought a comfortable glow to my day, really nice.
Lol Andrew, yeah actually i'm a true romantic at heart, thing is it's not just given away, it's kept tucked away for that special lady:) Thats my truth. . . . . my friend:)
The X is on the calendar, it's not for me to see yet:)
Revealing your soft and romantic side... bentlee.I like the poemhug
I found me sitting in the middle of the words, as i hoped all reads would too, one day it'll happen, after all there's an x on a calendar i've not seen. Ty Gypsy.
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