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fall in and out of love

Everyone who comes to love
tastes the honey and drinks the wine
it is like the springs new beginnings
it is like the warm summer sunshine
makes one feel so good feel so good
what a wonder comes when love arrives

And so the honeymoon
you coast the stars
your flying oh so high now
and love is a perfect touch
and stays very much
within your heart

But please be careful
human nature it can change
and you find that years become
a breeding ground for being familiar
watch out for those games
the ones that people play now and then

Its sad that these move in
where once love did reign
but maybe it can be turned again
don't play with her emotions
don't build to put her down
don't leave her crying like the clown

Don't kick him when he's low
and got no place to go
if only we could see
what we used to be
and make the choice
to return and find ourselves

Everyone who comes to love
tastes the honey and drinks the wine
and maybe just maybe then
we ll see that we had more than now
and take some time to find ourselves
and fall in love again....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011
About this poem:
did not write this about myself, just thinking on this theme..

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Comments (5)

it's a good theme serpico, and well put
perhaps most people can't help but play
the game - or maybe they just never meet
the one person they would not do that to
as you say - it takes time - years!
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
yes ladybee, its just how it can be, though its just an observation, its the tapestry of the human experience, falling..either in then out..should be falling in to stay...thanks for the comments ladybeewave
Great insight and thoughtful writing. Lots of wisdom... I really enjoyed reading this! thumbs up hug rose
P.S.Love the wisdom in this line - "if only we could see what we used to be, and make the choice to return and find ourselves"
bouquet bouquet
hey and thanks oncemore scatlyn for your 2 entries of glad you like my work...means a are valued in the
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