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Does anyone know the pain
of hearing again and again~
You're the best! A great person!
I hope you find that special someone!

In time, I suppose it could happen~
That elusive special someone.
Won't hold my breath in anticipation~
Nor belittle myself for trepidation.

Why pursue me? What is that you see?
The pretty words, the heartfelt gesture.
Without even trying, I've built you up~
Lo and behold! The "friendship" talk!

Its better, I guess, to know~
Where I stand, not a viable option.
You've gotten what you needed~
I can be shunted~discarded to the shelf.

Funny thing is, I will always be there~
In the background.
A half-remembered soul,
Quietly waiting, until needed.

I've no more expectations~
No more dreams of love.
I know that I can give,
I know there will never be a return.

I can be happy alone~
There for others, an optional option.
Sometimes~I am lonely~
I have myself and my heart.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011
About this poem:
Observations on conversations.....

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if you have friends you are never really lonely - and if you are happy with yourself - happy spending time with you - life is good. It's nice to meet the 'one' but hun, you do know they leave the toilet seat up all the time ya? giggle

thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Hi Ladybee! As much as I want to say this poem is about me, it stems from conversations I've been having with some friends. As for me, I am normally pretty damn happy...usually annoys people...laugh bouquet
I can be happy alone~
There for others, an optional option.
Sometimes~I am lonely~
I have myself and my heart.

Hello Ladestone!

Background is such a lonely place,
I was touched by your poetry,

Gosh, I allow myself to swim all over the place,as you shall...

To what "blue screen" to let people see what they want to see

remember use what your view of happiness

so new and yet you

Everyday is a new day, whether,
but do not quitely wait,
as you shall only succombe to that place...

let your perfect feet, run and feel the wind....

Love Soph

marikiaonline today!
"I can be happy alone", you say, trying to make us believe it is ever possible. You have yourself and your heart, which is open to new adventures - a prerequisite for new love coming your way. Keep it open and never let despair overcome you. This poem is about anticipation of love rather than resignation and pain if we concentrate and read between lines. Thank you.
This is a lovely poem Lodestone. What you are saying here is what most people experience so you're certainly not alone. Thanks for reaffirming what I think many of us feel. hug
A beautiful poem Ama my friend, good to see you back and posting soon....Andrew,,,xxxcool
So if these are sentiments expressed by others in conversations, who are the opposite others?

Sounds like divorced couples. It's almost always the others fault. Is there realy The One out there?

good write
"Does anyone know the pain
of hearing again and again~
You're the best! A great person!
I hope you find that special someone!"

wave Wanna trade pains?laugh

I hear you had the best. There sure want be another like him.
And your better off alone.blues

Real encouraging. I to sit on the sidelines. Not knowing if I will ever be a couple once more. And it is ok. I enjoy my life, friends and family. And maybe one day it will happen once more. This flower will find her garden to set roots once more. Untill then I still laugh and live.teddybear
Thanks everyone for the comments! bouquet
Bentleeonline now!
well written my friend and ty for sharing, I read your one comment about how you are generally in a happy mood. Lol I know what you mean about how it usually bothers paople, I see the same as I'm usually in good spirits, cheers wine hug
niah9online now!
Well written amahlala....I find I can be content and happy, then in comes a man to unsettle that...but we learn for the past...I realise it's the wrong men that unsettle us, with the right, it 90% highs.....Niahapplause bouquet
ama, indeed you can't "be shunted~discarded to the shelf". however, i enjoy your words, glad you are back and can relate to the expressions here of how many of us feel about ;-)
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