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starry silence

Up high the stars shine bright
constellations hanging in the sky
like little lanterns
hung in the dark of space

Silent stars out in the sky
never argue never they cry
silent and forever shining
looking down us each night

Can we learn
from them
not to talk too loud

Can we learn
from them
seams of silence

On a blackened robe
she sparkles bright
like a woman in white

And on summer nights
with your lover fair
watching from above

And in love you go
ride on in the snow
climb to higher heights

Starlight lovers
blue moon kissing
sun light walking
nature is in tune

Wind gently caress
flowers fragrance sense
in the meadow soft and green
beneath the stars love is seen
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Comments (12)

serpico12, an interesting notion...does a star shine in silence, through the vacuum of space ... or love? hmmmm... ;-)
Hi, serpico12,
Though distance and silence find themselves sometimes in the presence of love, it may not always be said that they "make the heart grow fonder". Silent stars out in the sky...Can we learn from them..., the poet asks. To let our lights shine, perhaps.
I love Nature.

Very nice.

thumbs up
Hi Serpico

The title speaks to me eloquently, being so close to my recent post "Starry Skies."

Forgive me if I am wrong, but are you really saying "Let the porno peddling pervs post their repellent pusillanimous pap on the poetry forum without let or hindrance"?

Well, it's a point of view, which I readily accept that you are more than entitled to. My view is that "For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing..."

Best wishes to you.

hi goodguy, well it could be both..shine in silence in space, or in a person with beauty and a less wordy personality, which can be the same ...thanks..
thanks gn for your comments..i was aiming to touch on the power of silence through stars, and that silence is a great arrow to ones quiver..useful trait...appreciate your input...thanks
hi redheadedtauras..thanks for your you i love nature, great scope for poetry..thanks for commenting...
hi fellsman..thanks for is it an advert for the porno ...definitely not..not in the least...
there may be that type about, but i dont advocate or welcome it..
Lovely write serpico, I do have a stargazing hobby -
because of my hobby I have to tell you the stars are the most violent bodies in the universe, as peaceful, serene and elegant as they look up in the night sky - their gentle twinkling belies the violent truth. But from here we see what we see and that's fine, As I wouldn't want to see one any nearer than they are! Cool write sir

thumbs up bouquet bouquet
thanks ladybee..i did nt know that about the violence of stars...thanks for saying that..appreciate your learns something each day..thank you..
Wow... so pretty! Love the theme... and so many descriptive phrases- " little lanterns hung in the dark of space", "on a blackened robe she sparkles...", "blue moon kissing, sun light walking", "wind gently caress"... I could go on, but better stop.
Every once in a "blue moon" I come across something so calming & enjoyable to read. Really nice! bouquet bouquet bouquet rose happy place
hey scatlyn, my thank you for so many colorful views of the are so brilliant in your make the poem sit up and take notice...thank you dear lady....i appreciate the time and are ever so
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