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Fool me once ~ shame on you!
Fool me twice ~ shame on me~
Three times? ~ Yeah! I'm a FOOL!

Do you not see the pain you inflict?
Or am I really just your stepping stone?
Three times? ~ Yeah! I'm a FOOL!

Was it your riches I craved?
The smoothness I felt?
Three times? ~ Yeah! I'm a FOOL!

Taunting me, teasing me!
Making me quake with desire!
Three times? ~ Yeah! I'm a FOOL!

But you were so naughty!
Delicious, sweet, tantalizing!
Three times? ~ Yeah! I'm a FOOL!

Damn you! Damn you Hostess Snack Cakes!
And your delicious goods!
Three times? ~ Yeah! I'm a FOOL!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011
About this poem:
Somehow a box of twinkies and a box of cupcakes managed to disappear from the less than a week....and yet the scale managed to stay in place! *sigh*

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Comments (11)

LOL....dear Ama.....Get thee behind me
Thanks Andrew...darn those tasty little treats...back to healthy eating now....bouquet
You fooled me bunch of times
I thought this to much more sensuous ...but
wait I guess chocolate in any form is very Entertaining angel thumbs up rolling on the floor laughing grin
How have I "fooled" you? And of course, chocolate is very sensuous but dark, dark chocolate....happy place bouquet
niah9online today!
Oh wonderful...I sense your personality...and it's all good....draw a line...yes, healthy eating....angel teddybear Niah
Thanks Niah! More healthy eating, less snacking for me!bouquet
Well I thought all that desire and quaking
and naughty was about s*xual pleasure Amahlala
so you fooled mind was full of thoughts
I can not peace
Food can sometimes be construed as part of s*xual pleasure ~ strawberries, whip cream, champagne, chocolate...laugh bouquet
laugh youre so funny amahla,,,,that was fun read and keep them coming too,,can you share me some too,dont finish them,lolthumbs up bouquet
Thanks Jeddah ~ I don't have any more goodies in the house...too tempting now!laugh bouquet
mcradloffonline today!
I heard that guys crave chips and dip and meaty things and women crave cakes and sweet things. I know this is true for me, I still have some snicker bars from Halloween! Good luck with the healthy eating and Happy Valentine's Day!wave kiss heart beating teddybear teddybear bouquet
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by amahlala (51 Poems)
on Jan 2011
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