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loves potential

How can you describe love
so many of us try too
is she a hand in glove
or someone ever true

Love is so much more
than one first surmises
when she knocks at your door
expect some suprises

Love real love will give
love real love is strong
she knows how to live
she knows whats wrong

She can be the balm
to heal a wounded soul
tranquil and calm
she will make one whole.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2011

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Comments (17)

She is both, and so much more... and everything you wrote thumbs up
Just beautiful! teddybear
hi scatlyn..hey thank you once again for viewing and liking the poems with your thoughtful
It's romantic!!!! heart wings

daydream I think all women in the world would love to be the "balm" to heal someone's wounded soul. heeheee (but must be someone we love) blushing

Ps. Serpico, do you love GREEN? I see your 80% poem's theme is Green!! Me too!! Me loves Green very much+++flirty

Hi Sun & Sea! You're very observant - I think you must be right about the green laugh

I seem to recall it in quite a few of Serpico's poems... and I see you added some green as well.thumbs up That makes 3 of you that like green - my son's favorite color is green!
(and orange-lol) wave
my fav colors :
#1 = green
#2 = white
#3 = orange(I didnt copy your son, ok!! I always love it lol)
#4 = pink
#5 = brown

blushing blushing blushing

PS. I think 90% of serpico's poem are green not 80% lol conversing

Nice Color!! peace lips
rolling on the floor laughing
I believe you... about the ORANGE (& my son would think that's very cool!!)

And I bet you're right about the 90%... kinda hard to tell for sure, though(he's got 350 poems on here, 346 written since Jul.2010)... laugh

Oh... and my fave(you prob. already saw) is what you just wrote in:
TEAL & 2nd fave is RED
P.S.Just noticed BROWN- very unusual for a favorite color, although it's one of my favorite colors to wear thumbs up

pps - Serpico, every time I make a comment(even if it's off-topic laugh ), I see your poem as I'm typing... and it's beautiful to read every time teddybear
Do you think Serpico will get mad with us??blues cus we are messing up his poem's comment. coffee2 lol >_</// I feel a guilty now. sigh>_</// I am sorry I am the one that rised the color subject...crying


scatlyn, now serpico wont mad me, but you. lol
(in case this lands on p.2...) quote from p.1 -
"scatlyn, now serpico wont mad me, but you. lol" joy

Well, think I took care of it, & I believe he loves GREEN for poems(professor and I don't feel guilty) & I do love this poem teddybear (...maybe a lit-tle guilty good luck crying good luck)

Once again, Serpico, love ALL your poems very much hug
bouquet bouquet bouquet
hi there sunandsea and scatlyn..hey looks like you are both into the color

no sunandsea you didnt mess up the poem, its nice to see you both exchanging your favourite colours, you are right i do like green, but i love blue as my favourite..ocean colour...thats where i go is next..thanks ladies..wave
SCatlynnnnn))))joy Come over here now))) lol are you invisible?? Serpico wont mad us))))))) yay SCatlyn Come on here)))) joy Lets mess up his poem board again... LOLOL

^___^ Thank you Serpico.... I'm sure you know we both Love your writes soo much... and we didnt mean to mess up!!!crazy

just a lil (i-n-t-e-n-t-i-o-n) maybe.. LOL kidding:P blushing

SCatlynnnnnn)))yay WE ARE FORGIVEN)))) yaayyyy cartwheel lol
Lovely poem of love. She could be a balm
and also she could be the "bomb" cheers
My eyes are being blinded by all the bright colouts!!!!!!
hi and thanks sunandthesea..i can see you are someone who is a good tease..good sense of fun...and loves to roam in colours..good for you..seems like you and scatlyn have hit it off..thats neat...cheers..
hi boyscharm...yes i see what you mean about the colors...thanks for dropping by to view the poem...
In response to: Come over here now))) lol are you invisible?? Serpico wont mad us)))))))

Well, I'm often invisible on purpose, but my browser got eaten by a malware bot last night & I had to call tech help to get back online- so finally here... and so glad to find out the good news!! cheering laugh
SCatlyn yeahhh ))) yay Finally you are visible!! lol Ive tried to msg you about this good news but you were invisible. (scared of Serpico? lol)... hehehe I knew Serpico is kind! @^_^@

another good news is 'WE' have made "boyshchrm" BLIND cool ! lol blushing

( rolling on the floor laughing see his (boyshchrm) image! He is soo cool to be true! lol giggle I cant believe this cool guy is still left on earth.. lol >_< / but pity! seems he doesnt like any color. snooty then Serpico is the best! thumbs up (n' this is his place! lol)
hi and welcome back to the funny duo..aka scatlyn and sunandthesea..only joking..but you two seem to get on real well...and sunandsea you are quite alert and sharp..aka the notes on poem for myself and boyscharm...

i can see you two could be a handful...rolling on the floor laughing
thanks again both of you.
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