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Fly the flag for love
and truth,
Include the old, correct
the youth,
Light a fire from embers
Forget the past and what
was sold,
Create and grow, look ahead,
make it so!!!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2011

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Comments (6)

well hello there mister laugh wave
cool write - can't help thinking of captain picard saying the last line - sorry am bad doh

teddybear teddybear
thanks for the comment ladybee, long time no see!
dude! ...where you been? that you're engaged...let's see some of that ol' optimistic words of gems eh? ;-)
Very nice, reminds me of the Law of Attraction. Nice to see your poems again,
a very engaging poem might i say
welcome back and waving the flag no less!! engaged to write a few more lines, perhapscheers
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