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my soul has ridden on

my soul has sailed through rivers of lakes of oceans.
my heart has ridden the stars the moon the sun.
my lagoon of endless endeavors i ride on.
my grass is not always green but i love.
my dreams come to me when i run.
and i go into the stars the moon the sun.
i am only me and it is only only one in this endless sea.
through hills of mountains to valleys of peace.
my soul has sailed through the life as i ride on.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2011

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Comments (7)

this one is for the lonely people you never have to ride on alone there's always someone there.
niah9online today!
What a lovely thought stillframe...Niahangel teddybear
thanks my friend
hug I always feel a warm frienship when reading your poems of late stillframe handshake
thanks my friend i try to make everyone feel like that i need all the friends i can get
Nice. I said that with that tone...
Joe the Raven ..i believe you played pool too ..stripes balls or fulls,one black or one white..Personally I don't ride when i gave food to a child and i don't smack him either because some leftovers went on the floor.You're not a father,maybe,i'm not either..but pay attention and ride sm else..are plenty of offers..maybe arround you.Btw ,indians know to appreciate a PureArabicBlood..and they treat the magnificient Animal with Respesct.A road which many WhiteSkins is not walked.Thanks for your secont test of Trust or Sinuccide/i write rong/..i know you mention smthin about John.
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