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Let's Be Friends

Poets, poets, let’s be friends,
No hurt feelings, you’re the best.
We are here to speak our mind,
Clean our breasts of hurt and spite.
I’m your fan, I say with pride,
I find pleasure in your write,
Write and share your feelings, strife,
Write as much as you feel right.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2011
About this poem:
To all poets here on this corner, with no exception, with deep gratitude and love.

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Comments (16)

Nice simple message Marikia....Niahcheering cheering
Gentle words...clear the air but still remain friends.Thank you marikia.bouquet bouquet heart wings
True words marikia this is a poets corner not a war zone as it feels like at the moment. Your title is aptpeace
Beautiful Words!!!
One of your best poems, prosodically speaking as well as in terms of content! But why doyou think Idon't know these things? Don't you remember my following poem?

Let Us All Swim!
Author: Tithonus

Men all differ in humor and nature
From one another and they're also born
In unlike places. One's as sharp as thorn
Another velvety, as soft as fur.

Even a single man's mood's not the same
But varies with regard to time and space.
Now he makes a sour face, talks in grimace,
And then softens, tones down and becomes tame.

I had a teacher who once said to me
Though he had studied law, he chose to teach
Since the truth is always so hard to reach
And innocents can also be guilty.

Let us all, then, forget each other's sins,
Live in peace and not embitter our days,
Grant happiness to all with all our ways,
Help all to swim, not injure our fine fins.

And did I have anything to do him till he posted his ars poetica in which alluded to me thus: "even your next door neighbour Mrs. Phyllis Carpenter, who hasn't seen the sun rise in 30 0dd years"? Am I not right to post my "Monsieur Le Con!" to make him undersdtand he's dialed a wrong number?
Thanks, Tithonus, for posting this poem, which I have missed much to my regret. My point was to express appreciation of what all of us are doing here. I didn't make any reference to anyone in particular and to no particular episode. I think that "let bygones be bygones" is what will be better in this situation.

With this I would also like to thank my fellow poets for writing their comments on this poem.
Words so true.heart wings Thanx for trying to bridge the gap.peace bouquet
Thank you is hard to come by, those that know it's importance and give are rare indeed, thank you for the poem!angel teddybear bunny
Really enjoyed that one Marikia. You're right, this is where a lot of us let off steam. It sure beats other vices and helps coping with day-to-day issues. We are all unique individuals who need that human touch every now and then and you certainly provided that. Thank you for your kindness.
Really enjoyed that one Marikia.
good work I like it well what you write here
This is such a great compliment to have summed it up so well....
Absolutely beautiful sentiment. purple heart
southmiami4321online today!
Thank you Marikia. Being friends always!
You're the best!
kiss kiss kiss
I missed lots of your beautiful poems and this is one of them .teddybear
I spoke my mind then and feel the same now despite relentless time! Thank you for this sweet reminder, dear poet! bouquet handshake
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