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real final poem john

today i find a new reason.
to change the world and all seasons.
to make a plan for us to see.
in my heart and in my memory is where you'll be.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2011
About this poem:
thanks for helping me along the way goodbye friends

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Comments (5)

Stillframe you surely are not leaving us too???
I am sure its Friday 1st April Fools day someone is having us on, too many good friends leaving.
Whatever if you do leave us I hope your next journey is a safe one, and like myself you can always return. You will get a surprise when you leave how much you will miss us and us you my friend.hug teddybear
you'll b missed more than your poems John
niah9online today!
If its time for you to go....please remember....we'll miss come back and see us again.....later....Niahcrying sad flower
Bye John...hope to catch up with you again sometime and thanks for sharing your poetic thoughts on here. handshake
marikiaonline today!
Don't go. I am always happy to read each of your new poem with fresh ideas. You need to share your feelings with someone, so where else can you do it and receive good advice and understanding?! Won't you miss our poems?
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