Blown Away

The promise of all those years
Going up in smoke
I reach for you hand just once
Then watch you slip away
Leaving me in my pain
Remembering my past
The old scars glistening and shiny
Tired of being here
Trapped in my fear
Drowning in my tears
Holding on to emptiness
Blowing, blowing, blown
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2011

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Comments (2)

I am glad I lost love for someone who is not worthy of love.
In the moment of heartache.
It's not that a person is disappointed because of rejection.
Self love is the basis of loving another person.
It's the realization that person do not have self love.
Unworthy to receive love. No regrets.

Thanks for your comment. The idiosyncrasies of love is less and less about creative idealism and more and more about hard compromise. Love is so give and take all the time. Love remind me of faith in a purely abstract way. Many people would rather play at love than really work at it. That's kind of analogus to making the time and staying true to a stated coarse and purpose. It's a lot easier to appear really happy on the surface; when deep, deep down inside ourselves we feel very trapped and alone I suppose?
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