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Legend of the Unicorn

enchanted bows, moss laden pasteled in hues of greens an yellowed grasses in the midst a sunlit Unicorn symbolic of magical peace wisdom an purity a rarity of sight an thought. . . . it's said one who creates it's end shall be clouded in displeasure until such time that tests of remorse are passed to lift the curse in turn revives the Unicorn to live it's legend. . . . .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2009
About this poem:
inspired by my good friend Andrew and his poem of the unicorn.

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Comments (7)

Beautiful, i am speechless, thankyou for everything bentlee. xxx
Bentleeonline today!
Ur Welcome Andrew many a fairy tale lives with the Unicorn an many people hold the Unicorn close in their realm day to day.
thankyou bentlee, i know what you're saying, ....andrew
Bentleeonline today!
Yes again many a meaning in this one, folklore was in fact just as the poem states:)
So true, if you're not careful one can get the totally wrong message by interpreting something that isn't strictly there, that's how so many meanings of poems get corrupted.
Bentleeonline today!
Good point, as the context here is simply as it's written!
Bentlee, love the legend of the unicorn! may he live for eternity!!cheers
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