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The Fate of Socrates, Part II

So Michael Webb established enterprise, a Thinking Trust
For those who didn’t care about thinking much.
The headline of his ad just asked in plain:
“Have You More Money than You Have Your Brains?!”
The importunity of headline proved worth while,
It made arrangement for the thinking being done.
Soon Michael’s offices were crowded with men,
Who never thought a minute of their worldly day,
But now they went with great ideas crammed in brain.
The service grew so large, he couldn’t handle such,
So Michael was obliged to spread his service wide,
To Thinking Corporation did his enterprise enlarge,
Worth millions in stocks and bonds, imagine what a price!
Now thinking wouldn’t do at short notice in mind
The imitation thinking served embraced in fact all times
To imitation of historians with writing, speaking styles.
The enterprise was running smooth as clock would run
With fair profits, bottom line of corporation size,
Till at the age of forty Michael felt his time was up,
Resigned from office, sold his firm, departed to his ranch.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2011
About this poem:
This is a sequel of “The Fate of Socrates” Part I. This particular one is poetic rendering of “American Sketches. 3. Success” by the satirist William Woodward. I thought it was unfair to leave you, dear poets, wondering what had happened to the Great American Thinker Michael Webb. Thank you very much for your attention.

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Comments (3)

marikia, i see the comparisons here but still am somewhat at loss about Michael Webb, alas it's early and my thinking cap is a bit too groggy. perhaps i could call the Thinking Corp. if you could supply their number? ;-)
Dear Agoodguy, in no way could I give you any phone numbers cause Michael had already sold his trust at a profit, and the author does not give any details about its further fate, but some characters resembling Michael's could have contributed to Enron's demise. As a matter of fact, in this story William Woodward, as a former business manager of various concerns and a banker himself, ridicules the widespread "consultations" given in America by charlatans, quacks and impostors. I am very thankful for your interest.handshake
I took philosophy class in 1987, Socrates was one of the few that made some sense to me. I have to admit I was pretty much wanting to raise my hand and say, "I don't have a clue what you are talking about."confused dunno doh teddybear violin
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