Oh god!

That's a common shout, when overtaken by pain! Then, there's no doubt, that, a supreme reigns. This, our sudden cry, comes out spontaneously. So, why some deny, the only living deity. Jesus bore his cross, not leaving us behind. This was a high cost; keep that in mind! Accepting him is salvation; he reconciles the soul. It's all about redemption, come, be made whole!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2011
About this poem:
Who-so-ever calls on the lord shall be saved!

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Amen! byfaith,
I like you..and the love you seem to have in your heart for others..applause heart wings

God bless you and your country men..JG..wave peace
jerseygirl50, may god bless you likewise!angel
Thanks for the reminder and your love of your faith.cool angel peace
hi boyshchrmo, thanks for showing your appreciation of faith! faith for me is the essence of life.hug
hi flamelily, thanks again!teddybear
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