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A Throwing Stone

I sat for a millennium trapped
Under the shallow depths
Only the last 10 thousand years
Exposed to light and wind and rain
One by one my tiny grains flecked
Away like husks blown about
Making many tiny sand on a beach
Washing up shifting moving
Slightly with each passing tide
Little by little I wear away
Only once was hidden and whole
Wet and dark and shiny
Then as if the turbulence
Of living was not enough
I am picked up by random
And tossed back out to sea
And must wait once again
For a new millennium to begin
To be born again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2011
About this poem:
The life and times of a beach stone made for skipping once in the span of humanity on earth. Okay..maybe twice....

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Comments (4)

niah9online today!
I reread before I posted, and without doubt, decided it was thought provoking...great write Yankee4you.....niahcool teddybear
Im thinkin this might be a metaphor
for Reincarnation. Anyway cool writee Yankee4Uangel cool peace
Thanks for the comments. It is a metaphor for my short life as well all of mankind in the timeline of the world at large. 'Wet and dark and shiny' as in the womb is more analogous to a larval stage…that precursors some metamorphism….perhaps…
You write lovely poems. I felt frustrated for that stone. purple heart
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