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~double ended knot ~

braided an like twist in a rope hosts at time spiraled thought outward faced elevated floor to floor internal riff a tug a war not quite right not quite sure outta the box thought's mind get there when spiraled rope's a double ended knot......~ Bentlee
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2009
About this poem:
deep inward projection of how thoughts can confuse a person at times feeling like there's no answer :)

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Comments (9)

trurorobonline today!
stuck on a reef Bentlee thats quite clever but are you just stringing us along
Bentleeonline today!
Now Rob If I were to do that it'd be called . . . . hook line an sinker lol cheers.
Bentleeonline today!
Rob in alot of my writing there's alot of past that I've dealt with an was able to find my way through, sometimes people need a bit of direction being in that current frame of mind. I try to help with transitional thought or creative stabilized ways of finding a way out thats not been thought. If that makes sense.
trurorobonline today!
Yes it does hook line and sinker good one, sometimes I just wish that every day could be a positive one so I try to tune to that but just sometimes lifes a b*tch but I like your ideas
Bentleeonline today!
Ty Rob, i've trod alot of bad road in my life, for some reason i've been blessed to understand an learn from it all, in turn i want to share what I've learned with my walks. Ty as your words are inspiring :)
That is what poetry is all about...
Really a nice thought of sharing learned lessons in life...Very well written Bentleehug
almost as bad as a mobius strips ~ never ending circles.....
Bentleeonline today!
Hi Gypsy ty for your words, an it's easier to hear from experience vs schooled thought. :)
Bentleeonline today!
Ama you always the clever one, hats off to ya, the circle a life, where it ends. . . . it began:)
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