Long-distance love!

Thunderous as it rains, bleak and cloudy skies, thoughts are yet still:- momentarily it cannot fly. Images of love amass; but not shining through. This subtleness!-is it pain renewed? Joys that fill us, every day, distance, time-keeps away. Joining of the hearts; yet living different- paths; what longings and yearnings, this scenerio brings! Contradictions one and benedictions two. Obvious diffferences and i love you's. Alas! clouds are past, now the sky appears. The sun breaks forth; your eyes dropped a-tear. You two-great lights! Now, hope can shine; filling both our hearts. May our love endure; that spark:-for eternity!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2011
About this poem:
i wrote the body of the poem in the wee hour one morning thinking about someone special- far away! The rain the clouds and thunder were all present then and eventually the daylight came.

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This is beautiful.applause
thanks odette67, i appreciate your compliment!
I hope that you are still in the same mood regarding that someone special, that in fact you have progressed in this direction for "hope now shines" and "light fills hearts". Wish that distance and time should no longer keep you away from your love! bouquet
Beautiful, simply beautifulteddybear
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