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Close you're eyes and picture
joy, imagine its forever, until the day you die,

now place yourself in eden and hold it deep
within, would it compare to everything you've
seen and where you've been?

our life experience and what we've
seen and done, our happiness, our saddness
our thoughts of misery or fun,

our ideals are made up of things we see
that look soo right,
its only when the truth shines through we
see the dark turn bright,

eden is created in how we live our life, we
create the happiness, the trouble or the

tomorrow can be perfect or lost in misery,
it all depends on what we feel and
what we think we see.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2011

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i think i seen an ol' friendly face at the corner again. writin' them ol' optimisticme words of wisdom! well doen friend J. ;-)
Hi Optimisticme,
In all honesty, I still believe that life is a wonderful journey of discovery about oneself,with all that"t is including, what a great excitement to have something in us that is pure re-enforcement of
" self-wood " !

trurorobonline today!
good thought provoking poem my friend, hope this is a permanent return
jazzy75 always! Welcome back!!bouquet
hi opti! I suppose perception shall ever trump reality. great write!
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