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One Night

Love Can't be the same
Without morals
Love aint only a feelin' ..
It's something we can't touch
But it is somethin' we believe in ..
" Tomorrow " you said
Tomorrow we'll talk about it !!
Boy , I got no time to waste
I gotta release you & me

It's the final Goodbye
We're standing face to face
I can't look at your eyes
I might lose my faith
Don't touch my hand
Cuz I'll never understand
Why would one night with her
Destroy everything we had
She means nothing to you
But what You did ..
Means everything to me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2011
About this poem:
He Cheated on Me ..

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Comments (9)

She means nothing to you
But what You did ..
Means everything to me

How true. Why is it some people like to take refuge in the thought that it didn't mean anything....when as you said it meant everything. Well written and true sentiments.

teddybear bouquet
you cant have true and healthy relations without trust ,honesty, self respect, and clear communication. that F'ing sucks I am sorry.....ELO.. sad flower
Dear Swan

Betrayal is the most heartless of emotional offence - you are a strong character and you will find someone better...

You capture the pathos and hurt extremely well...

Bill rose
wow swan! you have well expressed the destructive nature of infidelity. adultery removes our bond of trust. this bond must forever be deemed as sacred and is the key to a lasting shall not be abridged
yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay what a beautiful poemapplause applause applause applause
You have articulated this so well...

"But what you did means everything to me"... this line says it all!

Someone as beautiful as you deserves the best... I hope you find it.

purple heart
Love your style Swan...Excellent creationbouquet
Oh God grin I just saw your lovely comments now !!

Thank you all rose
For being so nice and for liking the write ! was from the heart !
I got passed the hurt and im with someone who really appriciate and respect love ! heart1

Take Care ..

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