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the man, the man...
like Samaritan of lore, he comforts the down
turning about he sees
his loins laid bleeding on the street
all those years flash his eyes
as he cradles his son once more
and tries to keep him there

the man, the man...
on the street, within hours
speaks to the world, his neighbor
as even then, ignorant anger swirls about
"today we stand here to plead"
"calm for our communities to stand united"
"why are we doing this?"
"step forward if you wanna loose your sons"
"otherwise calm down...and go home"

the man, the man...

© Goode Guy 2011-08-11

for Tariq Jahan and son Haroon
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2011

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With tears in my eyes.. it was a very beautiful tribute to the man..thank you for bring my attention to him so I may say a prayer and no parent should ever, ever have to bury their children. hug
A sad but an eye opener you have posted,why?why?why? is all I can say,why do people act without thinking.What a sad world it is today.I was so touched to see that on TV.Thank you for this nice tribute to Tariq Jahan and his son Haroon.Nice of you.thumbs up for the poemsad flower sadness for what occurred,may Peace be restored and comfort in the thought that there are good people like you who have a heart of compassion.teddybear
sad flower
Touching poemhandshake
The world needs more men like Tariq Jahan

sad flower
Hi, agoodguy2have,
"step forward if you wanna loose your sons"... May we all go to our homes in peace and love! A very moving write!
agoodguy very sad and written with much empathyhug
wow! i love your writings, but this one will stand out for me Goodguy, thank you for sharing some of the depths of your beautiful soul with us...
No words......
applause applause applause
Thanks for this Goodguy...I'm a Londoner by birth and it pained me to see such turmoil in the UK...or indeed anywhere in the world for that matter. This is a fitting tribute to the courage of a man who had lost so much due to the thuggery of others...and for what? Is the question that always remains unanswered.handshake
It's time for people to care again for the common man on the street and help him with understanding for the suffering in our communities. The rich and arrogant will always try and scoff at the common man, try and instill a fragile order which we all want, but can't achieve if it isn;t just for all and always in the end the common man will triumph.
wonderful guy....
niah9online today!
great write goodguy2have....strength of character but care for fellow human....niahcool teddybear
step forward if you wanna loose your sons otherwise calm down and go home words too live by. too much impatience, anger and stress in this ugly world we live.
"today we stand here to plead"
"calm for our communities to stand united"
"why are we doing this?"

Why indeed? the world is going crazy, whatever happened to our England of the 5os, we didn't have much money, but we were happy.

Excellent write GGteddybear thumbs up
Dear Good Guy

That man has more humanity in his little finger than the legion of thugs who rioted, looted and killed have in their entire bodies.

A very touching tribute to a fantastic and courageous man...

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