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our row

i'm quitting you again
because i want to
because i can
not so much to walk away
but to come back
and make up
from this little row
that we're about to have

i told you once
i'll tell you again
that i'm in love
with you

so this walk i'm gonna take
if not for mine
then for your sake
so you'll again be
able to see me coming
back to your forgiveness

© Goode Guy 2011-08-01
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2011
About this poem:
for George C and Sally W

submitted for Ladybee42's contest,
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Comments (5)

This reminds me of a couple I knew that would actually fight for the makeup loving cheers nicely done
this is great GG I am glad you posted here too. I so wanted to comment on the poems in the contest. I hope everybody joins in. it is neat to see how everybody's different thoughts and feelings form about an idea giving it depth and perspective from different viewpoints....elo
Well put. I new to this site and am enjoying the poetry the most. I read a couple of your poems and think your really quite good. I look forward to read more.
Nothing beats making up after a row, good one GG.heart beating
Planting seeds again my friend?!...the rows sure are parallel....nicely done!handshake
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