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two guys met way back and comprise
a duet of two, fondly able to show
true affection for other as a twin

these guys as you might surmise
are lifetime friends though
Younger's thick and Elder's thin

since Younger's days of undersize
Elder's maintained the status quo
that they weren't related kin

they sat for years as happy guys
on park bench, no desire to know
if their covering was familial skin

Younger seemed to scrutinize
his Elder from head to toe
to glimpse a deeper truth within

Elder's mind then thought it wise
for Younger's future peace, you know
to search old truth, their times begin

test the DNA facts that underlies
a connection beyond any John Doe
himself and Younger related within

result comes back the test supplies
that they're difference can forgo
no familial connection there had been

biologically different too often belies
the bonds that they themselves bestow
to each other as family though not kin

so they found themselves in the guise
of family unrelated, still family apropos
as blood or not, their faces all agrin

© Goode Guy 2011-07-26
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2011
About this poem:
a.k.a. Frick Younger and Frack Elder
for a real life story:

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I often wondered about Frick and Frack... laugh wine
sounds like GrimmBrothers's stories..everything is fiction and relativity is in everything and everyone..and maybe'' to entertain.Once when you 'Met my Ex'i row too in my statements..and people laugh.When you're taking your kids in your arms you see yourself and your past.Past is not neglected .I Love You Too even if is relative''.Thanks for Goode Thought.
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