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he stands amid the dusted rays
of beams from smudged, windowed days
casting light on the words below
pressed flat upon papered page

he's been here since before sun up
stained and smelling of turpentine
surveying the thoughts he's pressed
quickly he hangs the page to dry

then re-inks the typeset laid to table
and inserts another piece to press
pulling at the screw pressed platen
repeating process his labors express

his desire to enlighten the world
not just his neighbors informed to tell
ideas and thoughts carried on back
ancestors haunched with ink and quill

before them criers cried the street
events be known upon lips aloud
spreading ideas throughout the land
difficult to speak beyond the crowd

and unbeknownst to him and kind
someday in future ideas are spread
with something called electricity
through wires and waves on into head

to reach to you my heartfelt soul
ideas with emotions and feelings said
until now, thoughts sweetest aspirations
words spread like jam on slice of bread

words, like feelings toil quietly
carry your touch and feeling along
to distant lands and distant times to
give life's meaning, therefore prolong

what the publisher and writer wish
to convey to all able to read or hear
that thought, like life, is precious
held close at hand, the mind made clear

© Goode Guy 2011-08-09
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2011

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Comments (7)

Hi, agoodguy2have,
that thought, like life, is precious is so true - no matter how the words are pressed into the mind - and the poet's words spread like jam on slice of bread.
awesome writing telling of the pastbouquet
trurorobonline today!
the written word is still the greatest art form, nicely done Dave
applause applause applause nice write my friend,its been a delight to readhandshake
really cool dave...brilliant picture painted of the incredible effort necessary and time consumption in setting type for mass production....reminded me of newspaper work back in the day before tabletop publishing...and you are right, those folks were driven to achieve...
Hi Good Guy

You are on a roll right now, penning some really thought provoking narrative - and this is a delight...

Best wishes

Bill cheers
Very interesting write GG. applause
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