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cookin' up enough

the world's a pot
and we're all the spoons
wanting a taste to eat
smellin' life's scents
stirring things up
stewin' with our meat

there's just as much
to eat here today as
there was back before,
and there's just the
same peoples here too,
well, maybe a few more

so what's in the pot
besides some stones
to stock the soup
do you have enough
a few carrots perhaps
to share with the group

the soldiers clever
back from chaotic war
devised some psychology
to open the larders
of all the citizens
cooking up a feastology

reheated stone soup
is what can taste best
a restock to restart
and share with each other,
simmering care won't boil
it just fills the hungry hearts

© Goode Guy 2011-08-15
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2011
About this poem:
it's all in how it's spread out...

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Comments (7)

A great parable Good Guy... And a great moral to your story...

Best wishes

Bill cheers
marikiaonline today!
The Russians have devised an axe soup and I remember a fairy-tale about a soldier and old peasant woman "Porridge out of Axe". The idea is of sharing, of course, soviet children were taught to be kind to others and many good things: times were not so bad, education and health-care were free, and my teacher of English, who was my first-grade teacher and taught me Russian, cause I attended Russian school, was an excellent student of English. It is thanks to her that I am communicating with you now. Thank you for sharing this poem!bouquet
bouquet teddybear My dad always said..
when you share a meal and break bread..
you will always have a friend
Hi, agoodguy2have,
simmering care won't boil it just fills the hungry hearts ...We all have something to add to the pot. Thank you for cookin' up enough!
Wonderful mix gg, what we take out of the pot of life we must pop back in or the world would stop. (now pople or poetry stew) thats the menue, with or without a cheers beer wine grin
I'm a stones throw away from making me a pot of soup! Wonderful write my friend.cheers
I like your take on life
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