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take pause

my son comes by and looks over my shoulder
at his picture on my PC's wallpaper
he analyses it carefully seeing
himself as so young, so innocent
he can't believe he was ever that
young and innocent
(he's twenty now)

life spans before him like the view
from a tollbooth at a suspension bridge
his motor revving a little
he looks at the collector in the booth
then at the long span
over the river of life
ready to ride, he presses the gas,
confidently grips the wheel
and pulls away, the music in his ears

© Goode Guy 2011-08-22
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2011

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How we all grew so fast and now watching ours grow. Take pause and cherrish the days. Good right. Waas wondering where you werehandshake
ready to ride, he presses the gas,
confidently grips the wheel
and pulls away, the music in his ears

This poem is so like my grandson who is 25 and lives in Ohio, I don't know where the years have gone.

Lovely poem GGteddybear
My daughter is 19 second semester in college and a very confident young lady.. they grow very fast.. treasure them when they are little.. Lady Ode said it all... very lovely poem to you wonderful son..
Hi, agoodguy2have,
confidently grips the wheel... another way, says, "Hey, parent, a job well done!" And, that's music to everyone's ears. Well done!
Well done as a dutiful parent,yes they grow like trees and sometimes we have to look up and admire them for their stature and position.thumbs up thumbs up handshake Lovely write GG.bouquet
It does seem as though they do this - I think it's universal GG

thumbs up thumbs up
niah9online today!
Lovely snapshot goodguy2have.....enjoyed....niah dancing cool
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