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~the block~

My mind, it races at full rpm
To write to a thought, no beginning no end
It all gets deleted, written words I can"t flow
Heads not on task to the thought that I know.

My mind starts to plunder
Where it can't get a grip
The feeling is raw
The paper has zip!

Like the surface is scratched
Of a bottomless pit
Try as I may
Not a word, cannot Fit.

Like I'm stuck in a box
That has six panes of glass
On the other side sits
My poetic self fix.

I swim through the air
As I try to break free
To render my thought's
To write, write like me.

But I'm stuck in a box of six panes a glass
Where the think that I thought
Of the thought that I knew.
Needs to script onto paper for me and for you~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2011
About this poem:
hmmmmmm a bit of writer's block at work lol. Cheers everyone.

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Comments (6)

Ahhh Mr. Bentlee that was a wonderful explanation of writers block.. I believe we have all been there when the words are there in our mind which is ready to explode they just dont want to be released....yet... bouquet hug comfort teddybear cheers wine
Hi, Bentlee,
Oh, how fitting a poem for me today, nay, this month. Thanks for putting into words and breaking out of the box of six panes a glass. My one-and-only sonnet started out as a quatrain lament of how I could not write a sonnet. Now, your very fine write gives me hope that somehow my pen will write me out of a box, too! Oh, the power of the pen to free!
Ah Bentlee....we've all been there!!! Cool write....and as this poem proves....ya still got it in ya!!dancing
Bentleeonline today!
Hi Country Lady, ty for saying what you did in your comment, how true is that about not being ready to be released yet lol, hug wine
Bentleeonline today!
ty Gnj, I like how at times we can help others with our writes simply by when they read it. Proof that what we all write and contribute has potential beyond an expectation. Ty for your ideas. hug wine
Bentleeonline today!
lol ty Jazzy, always a nice comment to offer everyone, ty for commenting. hug wine
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