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~I'm not sure why~

Is it fiction mixed with fantasy
My mind needs to explore
Is it matter of fact
Is it need to know more.

I question myself
Of the way that I see
The beauty of a women
And what thoughts that may be.

It's not an addiction
Rather contrare
Natural process
Of male gender flair.

Beauty of a women
Living lines of curve
Endorphin the blood stream
To the males mind of dream.

Natural process
Since the first day
Desires, procreation
Nature in play.

No room for guilt of a natural mind
Attraction advances all in due time.

Where in the mix did perversion arise
Altered mind, way beyond, natural thought
Addicted, severed mind, unlike natural ways
No attraction involved, dark cloudy day.

Stereotypical thought proud's the time
Often it's wrong, no intention in mind
As eyes don't see candy
Only beauty that shines~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2011
About this poem:
Often when a man looks at a women, it's only the beauty in her eyes, her smile, her demeanor or her being as she is, that he see's.

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Comments (4)

Mr. Bentlee. that kind man is utterly beautiful.. and I have yet to meet a man that sees the real me... I assume someday... but not holding my breathe cheers hug
What a beautuful write
smiled after second line
and did not stop till end
great job
Bentleeonline today!
I can relate to your comment Country Lady, hence the reason I decided to write this. The good thing is that there are men like that don't see eye candy out there lol. Cheers and ty for commenting. cheers hug
Bentleeonline today!
thanks Billiegirl for enjoying my write, glad it made you smile, cheers, wine hug
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