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One Fine Day

As I sunk beneath the waves, with
nothing left to give, no thought
of life or passion, no reason
for to live,

A loving thought embraced me, and
held me oh soo tight, an Angel came
from heaven and saved me on that

I never saw tomorrow, I never saw
the way, my life was full of sorrow, no bright
or sunny day,

Twas then I realised, twas not all
lost and gone, a hand reached out
and saved me, my thanks, my love,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2011

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Comments (4)

great poem optimisticme...a real nice feel to it...elo...wave
I love the meallow and yet soothing vibes within this write,a lovely poem Optimisticmecheers cool
Always nice when someone reaches out.
good stuff Optimisticmeangel thumbs up cool
Hi, optimisticme,
a hand reached out... Sometimes, that's all one needs to enable one to see tomorrow. Nice write - especially for Angel Yvonne!
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