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Does anyone really understand
Anything about emotion
It seems love has gone to hide
And no one remembers devotion
In a world where screming
Is so often heard
And forever
Has become a 4-letter words
Wise advice will say
Listen to your head
Because a heart can break
If followed instead
And with your mind racing
Conflicting thought spin and dance
Because your heart is saying
Take this one last chance
And it's been so long
Since passion has accompanied a kiss
That your heart surrenders
Convincing your head
It's worth the risk
And now you look to me
To catch you when you fall
And to keep your heart in one peice
But that isn't going to be hard at all
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2011

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Comments (4)

powerful poem...don't be jaded friend...what else do you have if you give up your dreams of love....elo.. wave
very intense.. beautiful words.. to try and listen to the heart.. not to judge from past mistakes.. heres to the next time hug cheers
A power write indeedapplause applause applause
How am I being jaded, elo?
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