Get a life!

We all have our way. We have our own personality. Inside of us character lay; our true true identity! So why not be you? Why live like the other? To-self, you need be true. Don't let your identity be smoothered. True love is: "who you are". Your beauty is your uniqueness! You were born a star; hope you get the jest! We surrender our lives to others; "in-love": retain your identity. This insures against a relationship severed; you life won't be "only" calamity. Take me as i am. Don't try to make me over. This must be your stand, when you're entreated by a lover. Let all bonds be mutual; things are shared in common. Continue to do your usual, even as the love blossoms. We know too well heart-breaks; "it cuts like a knife". So please for goodness sake, endeavour, yes, get a life!
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Posted: Sep 2011
About this poem:
when you retain your identity, even in love, you are better able to managed the fall-outs of broken relationships!

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dunno Who else would one be? Love should accent your life. Not take over it. I would not fare well with someone who wanted a hostage. My husband did spoil me he always encouraged me to be melaugh The wind beneath my wings. I have friends who talk bad about their men. I do not understand dunno I want to build my man up not tear him down bouquet

Provided I ever get another manblues
Nice, you got me smiling with that last sentence: "So please for goodness sake, endeavour, yes, get a life!" So true my friend :) Good to read you handshake cheering applause
happygoluck4u a man is always in reach. the question is whether you accept him or not! bet you are a woman of high standards!laugh
Hi my friend,its nice to see you posting and what an inspirational write this is,hope all is well on your part of our country. Thanks for sharing your wisdom ByFaithapplause applause applause
Thanks ayhra, appreciate you comment! love your hat!wow
poetnumber1 i am doing fine, in the circumstances. i just keep my mind occupied with positive things like this!
We know too well heart-breaks; "it cuts like a knife". So please for goodness sake, endeavour, yes, get a life!

Very thought provoking poem.handshake
With positive thinking like this,you inspire many,hoping to see another post soongrin ,cheerscheers
oh odette67, i am happy that this poem is seen as thought provocative. recently i began to think and i am discovering that there is a lot of truth in the aforementioned. i am still looking into it.
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