red or black

I watched a game show called red or black
fasinated to see the game was i
no real skill was involved
just pick a colour red or black

the loser was to go home the winner carries on with the show
red or black the contest continue to choice
till they win to the studios
eight contestants now are left
from a 1000 losers, where not picked

in the studio they are now still they had to pick red or black
now they feel sick
near the million they are
till they are down to the last two, they have to be

only one winner this game show can have
for the chance to win a million quid
to stop that ball on to the color of choice they must pick
red or balck they have to pick

for one million pounds worth of joy if they got it wrong
on on the bus they will go home less a million quid
now they will feel sick loser
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2011

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I know...I pick red, you pick black and we share it either way!! cheers Nice write. :)
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