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be who you are...

à question asked by a moment, was it asked by a weakness or was it asked by an illness or maybe set free by a sound, not to rebound but to find out how to live to be free of the unusual evil plea, to live by ones thought its not your own so dont let it be shown, live within instead of living without, not trusting others maybe a good idea, look within the known before we are all taken by societies cyclone, living within is not living wiuthout, there maybe a doubt to look to find out, one step closer to a light of life and a death to being dead, see in your own souls cry, fly higher and go beyond the sky, its forevers freedom or maybe the eternal kingdom, hope is to be thought of because we are unsure, its hard the obsticals we all face, have belief we are becoming the human race, its not our opinion that makes us limited its our structure that makes us timid believe in your own tears of the memories of fears, gone by too many times to keep comitting these givin crimes, it wasnt just us doing time its our own future that is crying out stop wait and listen, its not one person who hurts its all, know that the individual is to be set free, before the future will see,....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2011

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Comments (5)

love the flow and how it really captured me in the beginning
I enjoyed reading your poem. Thanks for sharing.
What and intriguing write. Very colorful presentation of all the variations of life...Thanks. By the way, I have just been in your beautiful town. We, my boyfriend and I stayed for one night there and the restaurant in the Casino, which is chinese served my first Mud Crab ever and it is the best food I ever ate in my whole life...You are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful place in the world.


lovey read...thanks for sharing..bouquet
Very thought provoking write. handshake purple heart
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