The end!

The scientist call it: the big bang theory! The big automic split; that's "their" nancy-story. Then oviously, there's prophecy; the future told today. This relies on accuracy, yes, predictions i say! Pessimism isn't my nature, yet the evidence compels. I have no agenda, nor book-to-sell! But any honest reader, studying the book revelation. Even a non-believer, must see the "co-relation". Pieces of the puzzle, falling in their place. I await the "epic", at jerusalem's gate. In the mean time, i work, i live. I watch the clock-chime, all my love-i give. I anchor my soul; to my faith i cling! To jesus i hold; not a physical thing! In this uncertain world, what is your Quest? Riches out of gold, or jesus-for-rest?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2011
About this poem:
This is all i have to say!

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Nice written byfaith, thank you for sharing this handshake bouquet
ayhra, thanks dear!
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