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Serial Infatuator

What you hiding
Difficult deciding
In your back seat
Did you just meet
Someone to replace
A love you disgrace
Afraid of commitment
None too consistent
Afraid to be alone
Always on the phone
Perhaps an old lover
Hiding undercover
No self awareness
Makes to care less
No sense of value
Anyone can have you
Can't control temptation
Must always feel elation
It's an old prospectus
For homo erectus
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2011
About this poem:
A write about not getting past the 5 month mark where infatuation gives way to true love

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Comments (11)

Nicely done wave
This is different Yanke4u, but I enjoyed the reading, I like how you play with the rhymes applause bouquet teddybear
It is different Ayhra.....many people don't even realize they are becoming this way or truly value other people they say they love. It is modern day conundrum...'the fear of commitment versus the fear of being alone with yourself',and in this time of life many don't need everything on the checklist to be happy...and that's what makes being single really sad and lonely for those who still do.
A wondeful write and meanigful as well... I've learned a few things here.. thanks daydream teddybear
always ur words meaningful and this show what ur mind are,thanks for share
Hi Yankeee

I only have two words to say about this poem... Quite superb...


Bill wine
Very vivid Meaningful write
Afraid of commitment
None too consistent
Afraid to be alone
Finely crafted piece. A wonderful read indeed.bouquet teddybear
Bill, The truth always seems to find a way to make itself believable...and the same is so with must really pass the test of time to be accepted as true love....
found it read it like it yankee handshake wave
Love is precious, love is kind, even better when it passes the test of time.... Beaufifully written Yankee very meaningful!!!
wine handshake
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