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First Snowflake Fly

Such longing feelings before the first snowflake fly
I know so well how the long winter makes us all sigh
The long dark nights and the sound of a howling wind
A constant struggle getting up to face a daily grind
Gone the warm days and chirping little birds at play
Back are flocking pidgeons on chimney tops they stay
We long now for happy hours sitting around the table
All my hay is in the barn and horse is in the stable
Won't be long for Christmastime the family gathering
Griddle hot pancake with some maple syrup slathering
Fun how the children play and building forts of snow
All is cold but don't tell them what they don't know
Seasons come and seasons go and all will last awhile
Take each one with a little fun makes all worthwhile
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2011
About this poem:
Spoken in my 'native speak' with its short clipped twang,
takes some practice.....haha

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Comments (8)

Heartwarming write Yank.It's taken me a lifetime to accept that there's actually a reason for cold weather and isn't sent as a punishment.grin wine
Very nice writing Yankee4u applause bouquet teddybear
real nice Yankee...I loved the down to earth style and posativ outlook....elo... wave
Best to view all with a positive
attitude...even that darn snow.
Thanks Yankee cool angel thumbs up cheers
I love this poem and your outlook on winter. Wish I could feel the same about winter. lol. Great poem. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Yankee4you
I love this poem, its so christmaseeee
and i love christmas.
wine wave
Beautiful poem Yankee...maple syrup...yummy.purple heart
ahhh dont mention christmas scold doh
but your poem is beautiful all the same, very homely and warm handshake wave
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