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The Promised Call

Will I never find you in this life
Just too restless to take me a wife
No unfolding flower to attract me best
Not even to draw me into your cozy nest
Eye to eye soft glow of scented candles
Smoky dreams while floating in my mandles
An empty heart makes my hunger so great
Gazing into night skies I shall lie in wait
A sup of wine with just crumbs of bread
I ask in prayers to them in command overhead
Still lonely days fall away as do they all
With me still waiting for the promised call
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2011
About this poem:
Unkept promises testing faith

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Comments (4)

Beautiful expressed Yankee4u. Thank you for sharing this handshake bouquet teddybear
nice write yankee!wine
Enjoyed this Yankee....thanks for sharing with us. hug
You sound like this nice poet, asking the same profound questions:

"I ask myself every day will I ever find that special one. Will I ever find somebody to love me as much as I love them? Will I ever find somebody treat me right? Will I ever find somebody who won't cheat on me? Will I ever find somebody who will stay real with me? Will I ever find somebody to stay with for a long time? will I ever stop asking myself will I ever find someone and find that one?" (Ashanta Danielle Peak).

Perhaps instead of asking yourself and lying in wait "gazing into night skies" you had better make a move towards fulfillment of your dreams! Perhaps answers will be coming the moment you start looking for real?! Many thanks for sharing!hug bouquet
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