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I will lie to your face, if I see:
Your shoulders, broad though they are,
Cannot handle more pain.
I will lie to your face, if I see:
That the burden you carry,
Is more than you can handle.
I will lie to your face, if I see:
The tears that fall down your face,
Cannot be erased.
I will lie to your face, because I SEE.
I care, as you can tell.
I will lie to your face, because sometimes,
Just sometimes, the LIE itself, is another way
To take you away from the horrors you face,
Never alone, never without courage,
But because, sometimes,
Just sometimes, you need that LIE
That I can SEE will bring a smile to your lips,
A laugh to your heart, a moment of peace
To your soul.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2011
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Comments (4)

Tell them sweet lies baby..I'll believe every word of it..Sweet write darlin'.grin kiss kiss kiss
teddybear Thanks! blushing
A lie is not bad if it is said
in order to be compassionate.
You probably lie more than you
want to Amhalala even thogh it
bothers you as your heart is
very compassionate.thumbs up comfort hug sad flower
scold You are not supposed to tell...thanks Sweetie!bouquet
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by amahlala (51 Poems)
on Nov 2011
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