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Little Lies

Shining brilliant colors flashing before my eyes.
The calm the peace the feeling of belonging.
Numbness like a blast of cold air against skin.
Longing like the howling of the mighty winds.
A vacancy that never can be occupied.
Little lies you would like to believe.
Hoping the pain can be relieved.
Remove the world from your hand.
Back in the box close the top
For a moments pleasure small price to pay.
Shiny diamond a memory of a wedding day.

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Posted: Nov 2011
About this poem:
Every now and then as I pass by my jewelry box I stop and remove my wedding rings from their velvety home and put them where they use to live. And for one moment I close the world off and remember how I use to feel. Then reality returns once more as the moment passes.

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Dear Happygolucky

This feeling I understand... No words good enough to describe it. Thank you for sharing...hug sad flower teddybear
I fully understand that is hoping for a new reality that is better and brighter

bouquet teddybear bouquet
We all like to reminisce HappyGoL and if
it gives us a moments pleasure than all
the better.Some have no happy times to
even reflect upon. Count your blessings.
thumbs up angel cool comfort hug bouquet
wow!!! this was exquisite beyond words! what pathos, what nostalgia, and talent-fully written, a real gem, i'm sure glad i found it! kiss
A gem my friend......I will be reading this one again and againwine
Thank you orientalkoru blues it seems to call out to me sometimes.
Its just wonderful to have such memories,a souvenir of love.such a lovely lilit to your poem,I can read and re-read this (as jazzy says).Lovely picture to go with it tugs at the heart strings.thumbs up bouquet hug
Very nice, poignant write Happygo. Thank you for sharing this hug teddybear
Thank you Steve. One day I will pass the ring set down to my grand daughter. Then all I will have will be the empty spot where it use to lay. laugh It is difficult to even think of passing it down but I know I will when the time is right.blues
Hi, Happygolucky4u,
It's a precious moment when Longing like the howling of the mighty winds can be stilled by Shining brilliant colors flashing... Thanks for sharing this tender write.
You are right Boysc some have no happy times to reflect on. I do count my blessings. To of had a love like I did is usually found in fairy tales. Yes it ended earlier than I had planned. But I also never planned for us to continue to be newly weds all our married years and we were. So we did use our time together wisely. heart wings
Hi Happy

A very personal write. At least you appear to have some happier memories of your marriage - which is not the case for us all.

Poignant, yet strangely comforting...

Bill wine wine
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